The ultimate jewelry concierge experience


What is The Perfect Pair Package?

The Perfect Pair Package is the ultimate jewelry concierge experience. You and your partner meet individually and together with award-winning designer and gemologist Melissa Spencer. Melissa will guide the experience to uncover your individual styles, desires, and gifting values. At the end of the experience, you’ll each have a customized style guide for your partner as well as access to stones reserved only for Melissa’s VIP clients. Melissa will reach out to you before important anniversaries, birthdays, or other celebrations to ensure that you dazzle your partner at every occasion you choose (and never forget a celebration). 


Wow your partner, never miss an occasion, and worry less about making sure you got it right


How it Works

  • Schedule an interest call with Melissa to make sure we’re the right fit and answer any questions
  • Individual calls for you and your partner to explore your desires, needs, and gifting priorities
  • Melissa will put together an in-depth guide for you get to keep (and Melissa keeps on file)
  • All 3 of you meet and Melissa walks you through your Perfect Pair Guide along with recommendations and access to her VIP vault
  •  Melissa will reach out before special occasions with tailored recommendations for easy and dazzling gifting.

The Perfect Matched Pair

It is a true rarity in nature. In Gemstones, it is uncommon to find rough material that’s suitable to cut an ideal match. It requires sorting through hundreds of stones to find good candidates, and then careful cutting to achieve perfect symmetry.

Similarly, the challenge of finding our other half can prove as daunting an endeavor as we look for a partner who has noble, rare, and valuable qualities. Someone we can trust with our heart, and build a foundation and a future with. It isn’t required that neither of us have flaws. The pressures we have been under in the past, allows for richer experiences, and deeper care as we relate to one another. Some people are drawn to a partner who is identical in many ways, others prefer someone who is complimentary.

Either way, we seek aligned values and balance to result in true harmony of our ideal matched pair. When this is discovered, we must celebrate it! 

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the ultimate jewelry concierge experience

Are you the Perfect Pair for the Package?

  • You (or your partner) aren’t clear on your jewelry style
  • You (or your partner) have mismatched ideas around gifting
  • You (or your partner) feel a bit tense navigating through these conversations
  • You have received jewelry from your partner that is not you
  • Your partner has an unrealistic jewelry budget
  • You have bought jewelry that your partner doesn’t wear

Benefits That Rock

Dazzle Your Partner

Never doubt if they'll love their gift or waste money on something they won't love

Never Miss an Occasion

Get personal reminders with shopping suggestions for every budget and occasion. 

100% Certified & Secured

All our stones are certified and your transactions are always secure.

The individual interviews run 45-60 minutes. We want to respect your time while being thorough.

The Perfect Pair Guide takes about 7 business days to create once your interviews have been completed.

The final presentation is a 60 minute meeting. We’ll go over both guides, as well as answer any questions, and give you a one time offer on some special jewels based on your Perfect Pair Guide.